The House

Located in a privileged spot, surrounded by mountains in the middle of nature.

Free yourself

Escape to nature, far from the city and surrounded by tranquility.

Casa Churchill is a 4-spike rural house located in Claverol, in the heart of Pallars Jussà, a region in the province of Lleida, Catalonia. This stone construction, dating back to the 17th century, has recently been restored, offering a unique experience for nature and tranquility lovers, and for those seeking to disconnect from urban life and relax in an idyllic rural setting.

We offer cozy and comfortable accommodation for our guests, with all the necessary amenities for a relaxing and pleasant stay. The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds and private bathrooms, as well as a warm and typical decoration of the area.


Location and surroundings

Claverol is a small town located in the region of Pallars Jussà, in the province of Lleida. This locality is nestled in a privileged location, surrounded by mountains and immersed in nature, making it an ideal place for those seeking the tranquility and peace of mountain villages.

The urban center is characterized by its stone houses and slate roofs, as well as its narrow cobbled streets. In addition, within its medieval territory, several hermitages and churches of great architectural and cultural interest can be found, allowing visitors to relive the lives of our ancestors. Museums such as the Salas de Pallars museum shops or the Parc Cretaci – Conca Dellà Museum help us better understand where we come from.

Guests will be able to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hiking in the Pyrenees mountains, biking or horseback riding excursions, or simply relaxing by the pool and enjoying the landscapes.

Come and discover the beauty of Pallars Jussà from Casa Churchill, an idyllic setting for a weekend getaway or an unforgettable vacation.


Our Cuisine

We offer our guests a quality homemade cuisine made from products from our neighbors.

Every morning you can enjoy a varied breakfast: a little sweet, a little savory, fruit that cannot be missed, as well as a good coffee, tea or infusions.

At night, you can stay for dinner. You can choose from several first and second course dishes where you can discover the products of our region. We also offer different drinks made in the area, such as artisanal beer, wine, and ratafia.

We also offer options for CELIAC, VEGETARIANS, and VEGANS.


Pet friendly

If you are an animal lover, you surely love to travel with your pet. Fortunately, more and more rural houses are joining the “pet friendly” trend so that you can enjoy your getaway with the whole family, including your inseparable furry friend!

We love to welcome your pets! As a pet friendly accommodation, we also have some rules to ensure that everyone can coexist without problems.

Pets are allowed in the room as long as their owners are in the house, and during breakfast and dinner times, you can stay with your pet on the terrace or you can stay in the room until they finish.

Be relax

Pool and Relaxation Area.

The pool is open from 9 am to 9 pm and, since it is small, it is necessary to reserve a time slot to access it. This way, everyone can enjoy it at their own pace.

It should be noted that the pool is available all year round, as we control the temperature according to each season and follow the Energy Saving and Efficiency Plan established by national authorities.

In addition, in the pool area, we also have a hydro-massage area and a massage armchair.

To access this area of the house, we recommend that you bring your swimsuit and appropriate footwear. We will provide you with a bathrobe for your comfort.

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