Our Cuisine

Taste the culture and tradition of Pallars Jussà in our cuisine

Our guests can enjoy a wide variety of local products, from the delicious Cassis liqueur made with the best berries in the region, to the olive oil extracted from the nearby olive groves, with an intense and fruity flavor.

If you are a lover of honey, do not miss our rosemary honey, which is naturally produced on the hills near our rural house. In addition, we also offer artisanal beers from the region, such as C13, made with the best local ingredients and with a unique and unparalleled flavor.

The 0 km and proximity products are not only delicious, but also a way to support local producers and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the transport of long-distance food. In addition, by tasting these products, you will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition of the Pallars Jussà region.


Some of our dishes

Let yourself be surprised by our dishes made with ingredients from the region and enjoy them on our terrace. A unique gastronomic experience in which you can savor the authentic flavors of the area while contemplating the spectacular views of the natural surroundings. Don’t miss it!


Enjoy a unique experience by having a delicious cocktail on our terrace with views of the impressive Sant Antoni reservoir. Immerse yourself in the silence and contemplate the spectacular sunsets that this natural environment offers. A perfect combination to relax and enjoy!